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About The Project

UpTrend is an innovative digital platform that is disrupting the influencer industry by providing creators with tools to grow their audience, monetize their content, and collaborate with other creators and

unique brands.

Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing

Our mission was to develop a modern brand identity that resonates with social media influencers and businesses who rely on influencer marketing to promote their products and services. To achieve this, we deployed a multifaceted marketing strategy that included social media management and content creation, influencer awareness initiatives, email marketing campaigns, unique digital advertisements, and customized landing pages. By leveraging these marketing channels, we were able to effectively scale UpTrend's subscriber base leading up to the platform's launch. Our approach was focused on delivering a seamless experience for our target audience, and we were successful in positioning UpTrend as a leading platform for influencer marketing.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity, Campaign Development, Social Media Content Creation and Management, Digital Media Buy, Influencer Outreach, Brand Management, Email Marketing, Landing Page Development

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