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Brand & Co. is a seasoned digital marketing agency, renowned for its extensive experience and success in working with reputable brands and organizations across all realms of digital marketing and advertising. Born from this rich heritage, Brand & Broker emerges as a distinct entity, dedicated exclusively to fostering and managing partnerships between content creators and brands.


Brand & Broker, as the latest division under Brand & Co., represents a bold new venture in the world of digital content creation and brand partnerships. Our goal is to establish a seamless conduit between visionary content creators and top-tier brands, crafting partnerships that benefit both parties in meaningful and profitable ways.

Bridging the gap between talented content creators and renowned brands.
To unlock rewarding partnerships that resonate with creators’ unique styles and aspirations.

what we do

Opportunity Discovery

Proactively identifying a range of brand partnerships tailored to each creator's style and interests, including one-time collaborations and longer-term contracts.

Media Kit Development

Assisting in crafting a professional media kit that showcases the unique value of the creator to potential brand partners.

Tailored Outreach

Aligning opportunities with each creator's niche and growth goals, ensuring a perfect match between brand ethos and creator identity.

Supportive Growth Environment

Offering guidance beyond brand deals, including insights on industry trends, content strategy tips, and personal brand development.

Negotiation and Contract Management

Handling all aspects of negotiation to secure the best terms and meticulously reviewing contracts to protect creators' interests.

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Engage with us on a project-by-project basis, enjoying the freedom to choose what fits best for your brand. Our brokerage model is designed to support your growth by bringing new paid partnerships without binding you to exclusivity.

Transparent Communication

We provide detailed campaign information for each opportunity, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding in every partnership.

Fee Structure

A straightforward 20% management fee on project earnings, with no hidden costs or initial charges.

Clear Contracts

Each project is governed by a transparent contract, outlining the terms of engagement with the brand, tailored to

your comfort and guidelines.

Why Partner with BRAND & BROKER


Gain access to a curated stream of brand collaborations.


Enjoy complete freedom in choosing partnerships that align with your brand ethos.


Benefit from expert support in negotiations and contract management.


Leverage opportunities for growth and skill development as a content creator.

Creators we've worked with






campaign highlights

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@DayofGiving x @YesCoffeeNoDecaf x @BatshevaHaart x @NitsanRaiter


@YellowTail x @YesCoffeeNoDecaf

@UpTrendSocial x @MiriamHaart

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Content Creation

At Brand & Broker, we're not just building partnerships; we're cultivating a community of thriving content creators and forward-thinking brands. Together, let's create a legacy of innovative content and impactful brand narratives.

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