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About The Project

Tanjea is an innovative mobile strategy game that leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain platform to offer unique NFT aspects, crypto currencies, and a metaverse experience.

Creating A Buzz. Building A Digital Community

Our mission was to increase Tanjea's brand awareness among the gaming, NFT, and crypto communities through ongoing comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. We utilized various channels, including social media, Telegram, and Discord, to reach our target audience. To achieve this, we created compelling and engaging content that spoke directly to each unique audience group, taking into consideration their interests, demographics, and the game aspects that were most relevant to them. Our goal was to encourage these audiences to subscribe to the mailing list via an immersive digital advertising campaign, well-planned email marketing funnels, and strategic influencer marketing initiatives. By focusing on delivering a seamless and engaging experience for our target audience, we were able to successfully scale Tanjea's brand awareness across all digital platforms. Our approach helped to establish Tanjea as a leading mobile strategy game until its official release date in the future.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity Development, Social Media Content Creation and Management, Digital Media Buy, Influencer Outreach, Brand Management, Email Marketing, and Landing Page Development. 

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