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About The Project

Southport in Swansea, a preconstruction high-rise development by State Building Group, is nestled in Toronto's most iconic locations, including Lake Ontario, High Park, and Bloor West Village, within its surroundings. 

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our marketing campaign, A Breath of Fresh Air, aimed to showcase the exceptional lifestyle that awaits at Southport in Swansea. A strategic video series was uniquely developed as the focal point of the campaign to provide viewers with a real-life glimpse into the Swansea neighborhood and its environs. To further entice potential buyers, we also created five bespoke incentive packages that were inspired by the development and its area's exceptional amenities. By targeting buyers with shared lifestyle interests, our campaign was able to effectively engage and appeal to our target market.

Scope of Work

Campaign Development, Video Production, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising

A Breath of Fresh Air | Video Series

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