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About The Project

Golden305, the renowned Miami street artist, launched an NFT art collection that pays homage to his iconic Wynwood feature, the Loveworm.

Our mission was to position Golden305 and the Loveworms as a must-have NFT collectible to the NFT and crypto communities. Our aim was to generate excitement and interest before, during, and after the Miami NFT Week, which marked the project's first-ever public launch. To achieve this, we crafted bespoke assets that were specifically designed to promote the Loveworms across all digital platforms, including popular crypto and NFT platforms like Discord. Through our targeted social media campaigns, we were able to build buzz and anticipation ahead of the launch. 

The Success At Miami NFT Week

At the Miami NFT Week, we organized an exclusive giveaway of Golden305 and Loveworm merchandise prizes to incentivize social media users and on-site attendees to register with the Loveworms accounts. This further helped to increase awareness and interest in the project which continued after the official launch at the NFT event.

Scope of Work

Campaign Development, Social Media Management, Event Outreach & Representation,

Community Management

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