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The Channels

LDJ Stock Reports is a leading provider of stock market news and insights, with three distinct channels - Market Money Report, Market Intel Report, and The Klein Report.

Building Newsworthy Brands

Our mission was to enhance brand awareness for each of our channels by leveraging their unique perspectives on the stock market. We utilized a targeted approach for each channel, with Market Money Report providing financial insights, Market Intel Report offering a millennial perspective, and The Klein Report delivering a female viewpoint. To ensure our audiences remained updated on the latest corporate plans and achievements, we conducted live interviews with new and established companies. We also created engaging social media content that provided tips, tricks, news, and updates on finance, the stock market, and current trends. To reach a wider audience of like-minded individuals who share an interest in our channels' perspectives, we implemented strategic email marketing funnels, newsletters, and digital ads. Our comprehensive approach helped us to successfully scale our subscriber base and increase brand awareness for each of our channels.

Scope of Work
Brand Identity Development, Social Media Content Creation and Management, Digital Media Buy, Email Marketing, Landing Page Development, Podcast Production, Brand Partnerships
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