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About Haylo Collections

Haylo Collections is a pioneering digital brand, founded by the esteemed social media influencer, Haley Israelov. Haylo offers consumers an immersive experience, empowering them to express their individual stories through its unique range of fashion accessories.

Bringing A Vision To Life

Our goal was to create a brand identity that redefines the e-commerce landscape by empowering our target audience to connect with Haylo's collections on a personal level. To achieve this, we crafted unique narratives for each of the brand's products that resonate with our target consumer base. This was brought to life through a series of strategic initiatives including a product photoshoot, website design, and a comprehensive brand launch plan that incorporated various promotional activities and giveaways. Additionally, we developed a well-planned social media content strategy that helped us connect with new audiences and effectively engage with our existing customer base. Our overarching goal was to establish a contemporary and authentic brand identity that speaks to the unique preferences and individuality of our customers.

Scope of Work 

Brand Development, Campaign Development, Video & Photo Production, Website Development, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, Merchandising Management

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